Fire-breathing horror clown Sven Nice crosses the United States

Fire-breathing horror clown Sven Nice crosses the United States

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The Raiders are in the United States to finish the World Cups in Waterloo, Foytville and Iowa this week. Sven Nice, the big man behind the Trek-Balois Lions team, crossed the pool to help his son Thibaw and Lucinda Brand.

But not only that … Trek is also a sponsor of the World Cup races in Waterloo, making it a huge celebration to make the cross so popular in the United States in the days leading up to that race.

How it changed with the so-called Legends Race, where Waterloo’s course was dressed in anything from young to old. The otherwise very serious Sven Nice went out and started out as a horror clown.

Among the people dressed as cows, he did the necessary tricks on the bike in a clown costume – somehow he suddenly breathed fire. Since then, he has dedicated several Instagram posts to the event. Below is a fantastic public video of the event.

Waterloo matches on TV

Of course at Waterloo and Dutch time tonight there will be driving without crazy clothes. At 19.25 you switch to Eurosport for the women’s competition – the Dutch have passed the first place! At 8.55pm it was human.

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