US National Selection to start the Achterhoek Tour |  sports

US National Selection to start the Achterhoek Tour | sports


ChooseHook – It's time for Sunday, August 27th. On this day, hundreds of riders from home and abroad come to Groenlo. The start and finish of the UCI National (International) Racing Tour in Achterhoek will be held here on that day.

Ronde van de Achterhoek is again on the agenda this year. For the third time, this cycling race with international teams will pass through Achterhoek. “We do it for the public, of course, but especially to promote cycling and Achterhoek as a (cycling) area,” says board chairman Manuel Heisman. The field of participants has never been as strong as it was this year. Teams from the Czech Republic, Israel, America, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Italy and Canada compete with the best Dutch teams for victory on the 200 km course. During this edition, the US national team will start as the World Cup continues in Glasgow. Once again this year, the team with professional team status will be first. This is the category below the World Tour rankings. This Italian Bardiani team already has a lot of experience on cobblestone roads during Strade Bianche. These beautiful roads are not missing from Akhtarhok Road. Arjan Rebers, responsible for the technical matters of cycling, points out that these 20 segments of gravel and gravel should not be missing. “This is what makes the Achterhoek High Mass unique, and we are proud of it.”

Program cycle
175 competitors will arrive in Groenlo from 9am to prepare for the Achterhoek High Mass. The 100 motorcycles needed to manage traffic in the convoy were also reported. This guidance is mainly facilitated by BMAC from Borkolo. The convoy consists of forty vehicles. This includes team captain cars, sports doctor ambulances, equipment cars and jury cars. The start is at 12 noon in Groenlo on Ruurloseweg (opposite Goossens). The convoy travels the first 5 kilometers and is neutralized by Groenlo. The race officially starts at Deventer Kunstweg near Buitinkweg. It is also completed in Ruurloseweg. The first end is expected to cross from 4 p.m. After that, 4 more local final laps will be made via Groenlo.

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Ronde van de Achterhoek is pleased to have broad support from the Province of Gelderland, Pfeiffer Rentals Groenlo, Achterhoek in Beweging, and Harry Arendsen, among others. But of course the organization is also grateful to the other sponsors who together ensure that Ronde van de Achterhoek remains on the map in the coming years.

Omroep Gelderland will broadcast live reports on television from 2:30 p.m., including from the helicopter.

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