Thirteen American universities wanted the athlete Maude from Holwerde, but she went to Drake in Iowa

Thirteen American universities wanted the athlete Maude from Holwerde, but she went to Drake in Iowa

Eighteen-year-old athletics talent Maud Fisher from Holwierde begins a new adventure in her life. She will leave for America after the summer to train under an excellent coach. Her big dream is to participate in the Olympic Games in 2028.

To make that happen, shot putter and discus thrower Maud Fisher still needs some money. That's why the Groningen woman started a fundraising campaign on the GOFundMe platform. She wants to raise at least 5,750 euros, including paying for her plane ticket to the United States. There she will be part of the track and field team at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.

“Doing athletics is very expensive. My parents have paid for everything for me since I started participating in athletics at the age of six. “The three-time Dutch shot put champion says loudly at his home in Holoerde, where the cats Dido and Mika are. About twelve years.” “I don't think my parents have to pay for everything anymore. Due to my busy training schedule and study hours, I have little time to work and earn money for myself. Hence this measure.”

Playing athletics is expensive

“Funds are needed to purchase clothing, throwing shoes, throwing equipment and competition entry fees,” Fisher continues. “For example, if I have a match in Belgium and it's late, I have to spend the night in a hotel. If I fly to America, I have to pay for my ticket myself, but when I get there I get one Full scholarship (scholarship, ed.).'' The athlete, who competed in the European Youth Championships in Jerusalem last year, wants to qualify for the U-20 World Cup in Lima, Peru, in August. Money is also needed for this preparation, such as internships. This training was not even included in the target amount for her fundraising campaign.

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She describes participating in athletics as expensive. He added: “Because I live in the north, where there are almost no competitions, I have to travel a lot. Every few months I have to get new throwing shoes because then they will break. They go through them quickly. If there is a hole in the bottom again, I will get a hole.” “New. I'll keep training in my old shoes. It's not even really possible anymore. I have to be economical.”

“It will be a very wonderful experience”

Visscher was scouted as an international athletics talent to train in the United States and compete in tough college competition. A company contacted her and sent her a letter asking if she would be interested in coming to the other side of the Atlantic. “That's how it started. I didn't think about it myself, but I thought: This is going to be a really cool experience.”

The Groningen student received a list of universities that wanted the shot putter and discus thrower to be on their athletics team. “A profile was created on the website of the brokerage company. The coaches could scout me that way. Thirteen universities contacted me. I thought that was a lot. The coaches told me they saw my talent and that I could still improve a lot. They also talked about money and all “The facilities they had. But that's not what I'm here for. The best coach can get the best out of me.”

Maude will study psychology in America

After the necessary phone calls and conversations, coach Zane Chapman was able to convince Fisher to choose Drake University as his college. “There is also a friend from Horn, Lara Smits, and she is having a good time. According to her, she is really making progress thanks to this coach. She has also looked at the progress other athletes are making.

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The Groningen blonde has almost finished her sports and coaching studies at Johan Cruyff College in Groningen. She will study psychology in America for the next four years. “I find it very interesting how the human brain works and why people do things. It will be difficult with this sport, but it will be worth it.”

According to her, she needs to go to America to improve further. “In the Netherlands I finished learning a little. And my coach Jop Tervoort's eyesight is getting worse. He can't see the bullet flying anymore. The new environment and new people are very good for me.'' She also previously sought advice from her Groningen Athletics Club teammate, Jorind van World leader Klinken, from Assen, also spent a number of years in the U.S. “You have to do it,” she said, “because it will only make you better.”

Visscher has already reached the World Cup limit during training

Visscher, who started in Delfzijl in Fivelstreek Athletics Association, now has a personal record of 14m and 71m with the ball. Ultimately to the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. By then I should be putting the bullet at 19 or maybe 20 yards. The level of throwing is also rising.'' For the Under-20 World Cup, the maximum is 15.03 metres. “Granted, I'll hit that. I already achieved that distance in training last year.”

The Groningen woman is usually calm, “But if I'm very good to someone, I can be very crazy, haha. I'm also very fair. If something is unfair, I'll say it right away.” She is usually nervous before competitions: “I have a short fuse and people have to stay away a little.”

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Team sports are not for Maud

With his mother Anne-Marie and father Anko, who played basketball and volleyball, and brother Tim, who plays football, the athlete comes from an athletic family. But team sports were and were not for Maude. She was upset when others didn't do their best. “Now I can only blame myself if things don't go well, haha. But I really enjoy winning and going to the extreme.

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