US moves to ban diesel trucks

US moves to ban diesel trucks

Sometimes it seems like we want to be the best boy in class in the corner of the world, while other places just keep doing what they want. So it’s nice to see that even in the US they’re working on reducing emissions. Or at least in the state of California, people undoubtedly have the same ideal boy spirit when looking at the rest of the United States.

California now has an ambitious plan to phase out diesel trucks. All-in 2024 – So in two years – they want to ban new diesel trucks around busy railways and ports. The word ‘new’ is important here, as existing diesels may continue to run until 2035. Ultimately, by 2045, almost all diesel trucks will have to leave California.

The California Air Resources Board came up with the plan. They primarily focus on ports, railway stations and distribution centers because these busy places are often located near residential areas and the emissions cause health problems for people. For example, home grown companies can use it Tesla Semi can be used.

SF Gate This proposal certainly invites a lot of opposition. There are the usual questions about the charging network, but there are also other practical objections, such as employees taking vehicles home at the end of the day. Should they charge at home? Ecosystems, on the other hand, push tighter deadlines.

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