Morning News |  Rishi Sunak was officially sworn in as the UK Prime Minister today

Morning News | Review of Government Procurement Programs

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Today in Ochtendnieuws: A cautious critique of the Cabinet’s procurement plans, the Ubo register no longer accessible to everyone and Donald Trump still to make his tax returns public.

The government is going to suspend about 3,000 companies that emit too much nitrogen ‘Stop Bonus’ offering to stop or make it more stable. The amount they can get can be up to 120 percent of their company’s value. First reactions were cautiously positive, but the opposition is now questioning whether the scheme is really as voluntary as the government has led you to believe.

The European Court of Justice has denied public access to it Register Ubo. And that’s good news for entrepreneurs, says Hans Bischuvel.

Also, former President Donald Trump should be anyway Tax returns are issued. The US Supreme Court has ruled that. According to US correspondent John Postma, this is a significant defeat for Trump, who has so far refused to make his tax returns public.

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