US $ 1,900 billion support package coming, good for Bitcoin?

US $ 1,900 billion support package coming, good for Bitcoin?

The US House of Representatives is set to approve the $ 1,900 billion bailout package. This is the first aid package of the Biden government. Everything must be done before March 14th.

Because by this date financial aid for many unemployed will expire, which will cause a lot of social unrest. Supporters of the aid package point out that many homes and companies are on the verge of exploding and really need support. Opponents wonder if support packages of this size are necessary.

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9 1.9 trillion support package

In any case, the package includes 00 1400 direct payment to each American. In addition, the unemployed receive $ 400 a week in their account to provide for the basic necessities of life. Opponents of the support package mainly say that the authorities are further eroding the value of the dollar.

There seems to be no end to aid packages, and more and more are needed to keep the weak economy afloat. On the other hand, with the social unrest already raging by the epidemic, it seems that politicians can take no action.

Unemployment is higher than ever and some companies have fat on the bones. The last thing the economy can use now is the news that no new aid is coming. So printing large sums and inflation seems to be the only real way to politics and it is good for bitcoin.

Is it good to print money for bitcoin?

More and more people are realizing that Bitcoin is the only real safe haven in a world where billions of dollars are being poured out of central bank printers. If so, there are opportunities for many Americans to immediately convert their new 4 1,400 check into Bitcoin.

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Americans who did this through their trigger test in April 2020 now have more than 600% returns. Now it seems that the same revenue is a little more unlikely, but this economic climate can only really do better in Bitcoin.

More and more people are offering the story of Bitcoin and switching from the Fiat system to Bitcoin. I personally do not know any person who made the switch the other way. The group of bitcoins is growing bigger and faster. For example, Payment Provider Square welcomed more than 1 million new bitcoins in January.

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