UK fuel shortages could last for weeks

UK fuel shortages could last for weeks

Photo: ANP

A severe fuel shortage at many UK gas stations could last for weeks. According to the Gasoline Retailers Association (PRA), the British Gas Station Operators Association (PRA), it will take longer before the situation returns to normal and gas stations will have adequate supply again.

Due to the shortage of truck drivers to deliver fuel to gas stations, fuel is available in many locations, or very limited. As a result, many pumping stations were closed. At the open stations, there are long lines of waiting motorists wanting to buy fuel. There were already clashes between motorists. Some people even fill water bottles with fuel.

According to the Housing Authority, more than a quarter of plugged-in gas stations are still without petrol and diesel. The association represents independent gas stations and represents two-thirds of the total of nearly 8,400 filling stations in the country. On the fifth, there is a limited supply. The organization believes it may take weeks before everything is back to normal.

The British government has announced several measures to combat fuel shortages. For example, the army will help with supplies and a reserve fleet of state tankers will be deployed. Those tankers are driven by civilians.

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