Twee ongelooflijke treinroutes door Amerika

Two incredible railroads across America

Two incredible railroads across America

Train travel is the perfect way to get out of the countryside effortlessly America to enjoy. Read all these beautiful routes you should take via USA and ESTA USA to travel.

Imagine looking out the window while traveling, one minute seeing vast empty expanses, the next Rocky Mountains. This is one of the most beautiful sights you will see while traveling across America by train. Train travel is becoming more popular across the United States because not only is this mode of travel practical, but it also offers spectacular views across the country, and many are discovering that you can see a lot in a short amount of time.

Below you will find two Popular Railways What to really look for, as well as some useful information on how to apply for ESTA America to travel.

California Zephyr

This train journey is considered as one of them A very beautiful train journey You pass America can do. You start in the heart of the Midwest in Chicago, Illinois: you travel through the Great Plains, through the heart of the heartland. Rocky Mountains, and up the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains, finally ending in sunny San Francisco. This track really has it all. The route is quite long, about 52 hours, but the views make it all worth it. There are so-called “view cars”, cars with round windows that open upwards to really enjoy all sides of the landscape.

One of the most remarkable things about this journey is that you see the nature around you changing so radically. You start in a metropolis full of impressive skyscrapers, and as you begin your journey, the scene slowly changes from busy streets and city life to a peaceful landscape.

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Crossing the Mississippi is an experience, visually becoming a gateway to the Great Plains, which seems endlessly interesting. As you approach Denver, the mountains begin to offer truly breathtaking panoramas of the Rockies. As if these scenes weren’t enough, as you travel west, the scenes turn red again. From here, the landscape changes to the iconic table-top mountains (“butt” and “mesa”), which are very different from the mountains at the beginning of the trip. Then the train enters California, the desert scenery giving way to the lush, spruce-clad mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

Just when you think the route has given you the best views, the train takes a short cut along the Pacific coast just before reaching the greater San Francisco area where this scenic train journey ends.

Ghost Starlight

The train ride is simply breathtaking. The route departs from Seattle, Washington to Los Angeles, California. The train connects major cities on the West Coast such as Portland and San Francisco. Throughout California, you can truly experience how the landscape changes from the lush green countryside in bloom to the fertile hills of Napa Valley. Then, slowly make your way through the Bay Area through Southern California’s rocky beaches and desert landscapes until you reach the bustling city of Los Angeles.

The scenery along the Ghost Starlight Trail is something you have to see to believe. From blooming forests and dramatic mountain ranges to lush valleys and the Pacific coast, there’s not a moment to miss. In total, the journey takes about 35 hours. It is important to make sure you have a west facing seat to get the best view of the beach.

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Applying for ESTA

In general, it is better to plan these types of vacations in advance so that you can enjoy every second of it and not waste time planning when you are already on vacation. You can buy train tickets in advance Apply for ESTA USA. An ESTA can be applied for online and will be received in about 3 days on average. An ESTA is valid for 2 years and can be used indefinitely. Any journey you take should not exceed 90 days, which is plenty of time for these train journeys. It’s also always useful to make sure you are ESTA Conditions Before submitting the application.

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