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Tips for Road Trips Across America (Including Festivals)

By sjoertb On that day June 30, 2022 – 13:53
America is a great country, with lots of inventions. In addition to untouched nature, there are great places to visit. That is why it is a very popular road trip destination. Of course, we at FestivalInfo recommend taking in one of the unique festivals while you’re there. Here are some tips for designing your road trip and festivals you can visit with your road trip buddies.

Tip 1. Make a plan
If you have an idea of ​​what tourist attractions you want to visit and the areas you want to spend several days or a week in, you can structure your vacation. See what you can do in the states where it crosses your path. It has numerous theme parks, shopping areas, high-end restaurants and monuments.

Tip 2. Create in space
Don’t go crazy planning your trip and underestimate the size of America. Many first-timers assume you can travel from coast to coast in no time. While there may not be as much driving as you might expect, you’ll want to explore the cities, national parks, and major tourist attractions. Give yourself enough time for it.

Tip 3. Save money
You can save money by booking hotel rooms and venues in advance. It helps if you call a hotel and ask for a discount. In America, people are willing to sell, even at low prices, and they’ll be happy to take you in. You can save money by checking out local supermarkets and stocking up on food every once in a while. It is much cheaper than eating at a roadside restaurant. Use local Wi-Fi so you don’t pay for internet.

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Tip 4. Visit one of these festivals!
Depending on when you go, you can visit one of the unique festivals for an unforgettable experience. Below are some of the best known in chronological order.

Sundance Film Fest (January)
Mardi Gras (March) in New Orleans
SXSW (March)
International Cherry Blossom Festival (March)
Coachella (April)
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (April-May)
EDC (May)
Government Ball (June)
Ponnaru Art and Music Festival (June)
Electric Forest (June)
Burning Man (August – September)
Ascension (October)
Austin City Limits Music Festival (October)
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (October)

Tip 5. Be aware of toll booths and routes
When you plan a route, take rush hour into account. Avoid traveling in rush hour traffic as it will cost you hours that you could have put to better use. When you rent a car, inquire about the ‘Toll Pass’. This allows you to use toll booths. Most companies have good deals on cars for toll roads. Take advantage of it.

Tip 6. Apply for your ESTA
Before you start your road trip, you must: Apply for ESTA for USA. ESTA is an electronic travel authorization that replaces a visa and can be easily applied for online. ESTA is mandatory for all travelers and is valid for two years, meaning you have unlimited access to the US during those two years to visit all major festivals. Each visit can be for a maximum of 90 days. So don’t forget to apply for ESTA before traveling to USA.

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