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Last month, a Twitter Blue subscription was actually leaked by well-known data miner Jane Machun Wong. Now Twitter has officially announced the subscription. Twitter Blue costs €2.38 per month and will be released first in Canada and Australia.

Twitter subscription already includes the former leaked mission. including Undo TweetPost and folders for bookmarks. at Blog post Twitter describes the components and plans of the Twitter Blue subscription.

with the Undo Tweetbutton, a tweet can be postponed and edited before the timer expires. This may take up to 30 seconds. After posting, the tweet can no longer be changed, just like now.

Additionally, Twitter Blue subscribers will have the option to save tweets to bookmarks folders. This should allow users to better store and organize messages. Subscribers can also access reading mode, where according to Twitter the “noise” is removed and you can better read long Twitter conversations.

The blog post doesn’t say anything about the possibility of hiding ads. According to previous rumors, there will also be different types of subscriptions. The company did not disclose anything about it.

Initially, Twitter Blue will only be available to users in Canada and Australia. Nothing has been reported about a release in other countries, but Twitter writes that this is the first phase of the subscription service.

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