Twitter is testing the new shopping process in the US with additional options

Twitter is testing the new shopping process in the US with additional options

Twitter is expanding its e-commerce operations. In the United States, the company is launching a new service that allows online stores to offer a portion of their range of platforms. Emers writes based on Twitter’s blog article.

‘Twitter Stores’ allows merchants to select an assortment of fifty products to offer users of the site. The company writes in a blog article that this feature, which can be used for free, gives consumers the opportunity to view products from the profiles of their favorite brands.

Twitter has previously introduced a feature called ‘Shop Module’, which allows users to purchase products directly from the brands’ pages. It allows merchants to display up to five products directly on their profile. In ‘Twitter Stores’, that number expands by fifty products and highlights a wide product list.

In the profile of companies using the new service, there will be a ‘Show Shop’ button just above their tweets. Twitter users who click on this can browse the products and check the products on the respective vendor’s website without leaving Twitter.

The Twitter blog article writes that the new service should become a ‘home base’ for those selling on the platform and make it easier to shop through the platform. “As the experiment continues, we will explore how to make stores more recognizable, add new ways for sellers to tell their brand story through their stores, and expand the number of products that vendors can display.”

For now, “Twitter stores” are only available to “select number of merchants” in the United States. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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