David Coulthard loves racing in New York: “Win America”

David Coulthard loves racing in New York: “Win America”

If David Coulthard is up to it, Formula 1 will organize a race on the streets of New York. Scott did a demonstration in a Red Bull a few years ago and still has fond memories of the “Eve Rouge is nothing” segment.

In 2023, the Formula 1 calendar already has three races in the United States. According to Coulthard, one more could be added, for which he points to New York. Not everyone is happy with the current emphasis in America, but with American owners at the helm, change is certainly not inconceivable. There are more races in Europe than on the other side of the pond at the moment, so Coulthard is watching Motorsport.com One more spot for the Grand Prix of New York.


The idea of ​​organizing a race in New York is not new. In 2012, plans were made to build a line across the Hudson in Weehawken, New Jersey. Colhardt drove that route during a demonstration for Red Bull. “It was incredible. There’s no area like Eau Rouge in Spa, right across the street from Manhattan! If they could recreate that project, it would be the perfect place,” he says.

To beat America

Regardless of whether there will be a spot on the calendar, Coultard believes the United States, as a gigantic country, still deserves a race. “Look at the size of the country, four races are possible. That is the ultimate dream: to conquer America. Each race has its own flavor. You can see in the events that America is very different from state to state,” he says. The race took place in Miami last weekend, with Austin and Las Vegas still in the plans for later this year.

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