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Twitter is looking into the Super Follow feature, which allows account followers to obtain additional features for a fee. The podium cites special examples badge Exclusive tweets and newsletters. It is not clear if this feature appears or not.

With Super Follow, Twitter wants to make it possible for users to earn from other Twitter users through the platform. Twitter targets large accounts with a large following. The company doesn’t appear to have made a final decision on whether or not this situation will come. Twitter will likely receive a share of the proceeds.

at Presentation addressed to investors and analysts Twitter gives the example of an account fictional Regina Lennox wants to follow so cool. For five dollars a month, the user in this example gets one Booster badgeNewsletters, exclusive tweets, discounts and closed community access. Communities is another new feature announced by Twitter. It is not known to what extent the person being tracked can modify the subscription terms themselves. For example, it is not clear if a follower can determine the cost of the subscription each month.

According to the example, subscribers can cancel at any time. Large accounts can use Super Follows to view subscribers’ videos, for example, before other followers watch this video. Only subscribers can reply under this Tweet. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey It was announced earlier this week To work on an unpaid subscription ban system.

With communities, Twitter wants to make it easier for users to find messages and information on a specific topic. This could be a social topic, like social justice, or a topic like cats or plants. Users must be able to create and follow communities themselves.

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Finally, Twitter has many functions that improve users’ well-being. For example, in the future, users may be notified if any of their posts receive negative attention, such as offensive or “spam” comments. Twitter probably wants to do this so that users can better monitor the comments below their posts and, for example, hide comments if necessary.

Twitter is also working on “safe mode”. When Twitter detects that users are sending abusive or unwanted messages to a user who has turned on safe mode, this safe mode restricts those “annoying” users from connecting to that account for a week. In addition, the reactions of these users are visible to fewer people. Twitter is also working on auto blocking and mute feature. For example, when users turn on this feature, they see fewer messages containing bad words.

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