Samsung and Google are integrating smartwatch operating systems – tablets and phones – news

I think the collaboration between Samsung and Google provides future prospects in this case. If Samsung and Google mix their designs into designing a new OS, then you have something that looks great, but also works well (with one hand, for example). I hope Samsung mainly pushes to facilitate updates and thus make new versions available faster. This is still the biggest issue with Android as Apple is way ahead. In other areas, they are not much different from each other.

Google may also integrate the Samsung segment. It remains interesting to many users (maybe not professional users of Tweakers, but still) that you can customize a lot, but creating and sharing themes is more practical. And if they also let them choose (rather than force) emojis, that would also be a bonus. But the fact that you can share a theme with wallpaper, icons, color schemes for menus, etc. is just something that many consumers use. Phone customization is basically a continuation of your personality. We used to do it in Windows too (this was reduced somewhat by the way, but APIs are still there). It’s what makes Android so beautiful, so many different flavors and so many different options.

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