Trump to speak at the Republican convention: "I'm still the president."

Trump to speak at the Republican convention: “I’m still the president.”

Trump fans will be ready, because the big question of course is: Will Donald announce that he will bid for another presidency in 2024?

If Trump tried, he would have no problem winning the nomination from the Republicans. Even his opponents within the party admit it – like Mitt Romney, the senator who has twice voted impeachment during Trump’s presidency.

So Romney was not invited to the Annual Conference on Conservative Political Action (CPAC) in Orlando. Mitch McConnell, the powerful Senate leader who twice saved Trump from impeachment, is also missing.

McConnell confused Trump fans because he later said that the president had instigated his support for the storming of the Capitol on January 6, and he is responsible for the five deaths that day.

The spokespeople in Orlando are nearly all Trump supporters, and the picture is clear: the former president remains completely in control of the party. Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a Trump ally and possibly himself a candidate for 2024, said: “They want him to go, but let me tell you something; Donald Trump is not going anywhere.”

Cheering rang out in the hall. And Trump adviser Jason Miller didn’t even bother himself: “Trump is the Republican Party. If you attack Trump, you attack Republican al Qaeda.”

75 million votes

Why the party continues to embrace Trump is clear. He won at least 75 million votes in the election. And Republicans don’t want to lose them. Polls also show that half of the Republican electorate would go to Trump’s side if he founds his party.

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So says Senator Rick Scott (Florida): “President Trump has its downsides, but we will not win in the future if we go back to the old Republican Party. We will lose what Trump brought back to life. We will have elections. The losses and with it the country.”

About the conference correspondent Eric Matthan:

“After losing the elections, and after the far-right stormed the parliament, you might think that the conservative movement is consulting with itself about the future. But no. The conference completely embraces the lie that Donald Trump has won more voters, or that there is widespread fraud. Indeed, it is said that the storming of Parliament It was the work of the far left.

“CPAC is intensifying. In my years as a reporter, I have seen this conference change from a real call by Christian conservatives for more influence in their party to a blatant party in which the populist candidates try to push the party to the right as much as possible.”

Don’t call it CPAC, but TPAC, says Trump’s son, Donald Jr. He predicts that his father’s speech on Sunday night Our Time will not be short of energy. “I assure you that Donald Trump will strengthen all of your feelings for the Maga movement and the future of the Republican Party.”

What the fans hope, the sublime word, that probably won’t go out. Too early. Trump will say he has Presumed 2024 filter He is the presumed candidate for the Republicans.

Golden statue

Still about this golden statue: it is more akin to a cartoonish image. Trump has a magic wand, is wearing a famous red jacket, tie and boxer shorts in the colors of the American flag. It’s not an official expression of party, but the creation of an artist who admires Trump.

Trump’s opponents within the party don’t like that. Rep. Adam Kinzinger wrote on Twitter: “Image worship that is not conservative. Get ready for the party.” But he’s not in Orlando either. All Republicans believe. With Donald Trump, we carry gold – electrically.

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