Trump may go to the border with Mexico in “the coming weeks” due to immigrants |  Abroad

Trump may go to the border with Mexico in “the coming weeks” due to immigrants | Abroad

Former US President Donald Trump told Fox News Saturday night that he plans to visit the border with Mexico soon. Recently, the number of immigrants trying to reach the US border via Mexico has risen sharply. Republicans blame incoming president Joe Biden for taking a lenient approach.

The Biden government is facing mounting criticism over its approach to the situation on the southern border with Mexico. The large number of unaccompanied children traveling causes special problems. In February alone, more than 100,000 migrants were arrested at the southern border, including nearly 10,000 unaccompanied children. Photos of overcrowded detention centers embarrassed Biden.

‘Millions of people’

“Thousands of people are now coming to the border,” Trump said on his Fox News broadcast. The former president said, “Millions of people will enter our country and they will destroy our country.” When asked if he would visit the southern border, he replied: “Maybe in the next few weeks.”

Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mayuras said it looks like more people will cross the border at this rate compared to the past 20 years. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has appointed his Vice President Kamala Harris to take over the file.

Immigration detention center in Texas. Photo taken on March 19. © AP

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