Trump appears at the first rally since stepping down from office

Former President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden’s immigration policies at his first well-attended campaign rally since his resignation. He also urged his supporters to help Republicans regain majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Trump refused to run for president in the 2024 presidential election, even as the crowd chanted “Four more years, four more years.” Although he hinted: ‘Maybe we should win a third time. He said. In doing so, he also reiterated his claim that he would have won the November 2020 elections. The public responded enthusiastically.

Over the past few months, Trump has given speeches at Republican events, but this was the first time he had held a mass rally. In Wellington, near Cleveland, Ohio, the Republican was welcomed by thousands of supporters. He stressed that the 2020 elections were not fair and that he won them. “The election is over,” Trump said. “And we had a big win. They did something that should never be allowed.

Joe Biden is destroying our nation before our very eyes

Donald Trump

Former President of the United States

He focused in particular on the growing number of immigrants entering the United States from its southern border. His repeated message was that Democrat Biden was a disaster. Joe Biden is destroying our nation before our very eyes.

Trump was in Ohio to support party member and former advisor, Max Miller, who is turning against Republican Congressman Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio. He voted to impeach Trump in January. Trump had announced earlier that he would launch a campaign against all Republicans who opposed his impeachment during the vote. “We’re going to get the House back, we’re going to get the Senate, we’re going to get America back, and we’re going to do it soon,” he said.

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