Truck driver without driving license, co-driver and overloaded truck needed [+foto]

Truck driver without driving license, co-driver and overloaded truck needed [+foto]

Salmtal/Emmert/Beckendorf – During several inspections carried out by the German police on freight transport, a driver was found on the A1 motorway on Tuesday, June 4, who was unable to show the required driving license. His co-driver was wanted on an arrest warrant. He was presented to court today.

On Tuesday afternoon, officers also stopped a German B327 minivan near Emmert, the driver of which no longer held a valid driving licence. Criminal proceedings were also filed against this driver for driving without a driving license.

On Wednesday morning, police arrested an eight-axle tractor trailer loaded with two shipping containers. These containers contained wine that had to be transported from the port of Rotterdam to Zell an der Moselle.

After checking the transportation documents, it was confirmed that there was a large overload suspected. When weighed on a special police scale, the gross weight was set at 70,750 kg (net), while 40,000 kg was permitted. Therefore, the tow truck was overloaded by a total of 76.8 percent.

The driver was prevented from driving any further, and the containers were then transported separately to their destination. The driver now risks paying a fine and the company risks action in which the freight proceeds could be confiscated.

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