Nieuwweergevondenweg bakery owner robbed of US$30,000 – Suriname Herald

Nieuwweergevondenweg bakery owner robbed of US$30,000 – Suriname Herald

A bakery owner in Nieuwweergevondenweg was robbed by four men this afternoon. According to the owner’s statement, she had $30,000 in her purse when she was robbed. She had just arrived and was immediately ambushed by thieves. They drove the gray-painted Vitz.

It’s about four masked men. They shot the flour mill workers who were standing outside. The robbery occurred around 12:30 p.m. The bakery owner said, while crying, that three men were the ones who left, while another waited in the car.

According to one of the company employees who delivered the flour, he was inside arranging the shipment. “I suddenly heard gunshots, and at the same time I heard others screaming that there were thieves, but I didn’t go out to look. My colleagues were outside working in the trunk of the car transporting the flour. They were also held at gunpoint,” says the flour company employee.

“I saw everything how they robbed that woman. They wanted to rob us too. I’m still in shock. We came to deliver flowers and this happened to us. Since I did this job, I experienced this for the first time.” Dean Man Luso shot Crab A “Tas Long Gui in Wagyu.” Desi Hebei, this is our last delivery. “We will not continue the business,” say Yangfu Flour Company employees.

According to another shopkeeper, the bakery owner went to transfer money to Commewijne and just came back.

The case is under investigation by Santodorp police.

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