Trandal with the Crane family in a house full of immigrants |  RTL Street

Trandal with the Crane family in a house full of immigrants | RTL Street

Linda was visibly emotional when the moving truck carrying all of the family of nine's belongings departed for Luxembourg. “I've really closed a chapter in the Netherlands. It's very exciting to start something new abroad. We couldn't go back, but now you literally see: you can't really go back, those things are gone now, very strange. Children's photo albums, everything “It's right there. Very special.”

Linda sheds tears when handing over the keys. And also because not the whole family moves with you. “I think I was sadder last night when Quentin and Sam were so sad,” she cries from the final emotional dinner with the whole family before leaving. Her two eldest sons – one still living with his biological mother and the other moving in with his girlfriend's parents – are still in the Netherlands. “You will leave that behind,” the grieving mother said. “I found it much harder than at home.”

Fortunately, Linda's condition became better once she arrived in Luxembourg. “I'll never come back,” Ivan drinks jokingly, holding up a bottle of wine. “We'll soon be running out of here screaming about all the work we still have to do,” Linda laughs. The parents decided to “have fun” with their campsite.

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