Toyota shuts down its plant in the Czech Republic for two weeks due to a lack of chips

Toyota shuts down its Czech Republic plant for two weeks due to a shortage of ANP chips

Automobile manufacturer Toyota has halted production of the plant in the Czech Republic for two weeks due to a shortage of computer chips. It is the umpteenth time that the Japanese automaker has had to stop production somewhere due to this and other issues. Toyota builds an Aygo passenger car for the European market in the industrial city of Kulin, west of Prague.

Toyota, for example, was already experiencing disruptions due to the winter weather in the US, causing production delays there for suppliers of raw materials to the auto industry. Last month, an earthquake off the coast of Fukushima, Japan temporarily delayed factories.

Additionally, the automotive sector has been suffering from a chip shortage for some time. This is due to the very strong increase in the demand for home work and entertainment equipment in the Corona era, such as computers, laptops and game consoles. Other automakers such as Honda and Nissan have previously had to stop production. Tech companies like Samsung have already noted the impact of the semiconductor shortage. Samsung recently said that it will consider delaying the release of a new smartphone as a result. According to Samsung, there is a “serious flaw” in the semiconductor sector.

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