“Tom Eggbers Also Shows Aggressive And Intimidating Behavior In NOS Sport” |  NOS Sport offenses

“Tom Eggbers Also Shows Aggressive And Intimidating Behavior In NOS Sport” | NOS Sport offenses

Tom Egbers has also shown aggressive and intimidating behavior in the NOS Sport editorial office. Volkskrant He writes about “multiple attitudes” towards women in the editorial office. Egbers is mentioned as part of a group of well-known presenters, commentators, and reporters who consider themselves untouchable and who are held structurally in over their heads.

Volkskrant He had conversations with 32 employees about abusive behavior in the workplace in recent months. This resulted in an image in which a number of prominent figures, including presenters, commentators, and journalists, among others, are considered untouchable and held structurally above their heads. The editors-in-chief were not sufficiently aware of the toxic atmosphere of the work.

Egbers is one of the names that came up in the investigation. This is how my photos will be Sports studio (then 48 years old, now 65 years old) He proposed to a 22-year-old intern in 2005. He would say over and over again that he loved her. He also sent many text messages and emails. He also sometimes called her in the middle of the night. In the end, the woman, who continued to work at NOS Sport after her internship, fell for his advances, he writes De Volkskrant. The two kiss several times. In 2009, the woman reported this to the editor-in-chief.

In the late summer of 2008, when the relationship had already ended, the woman says that Eggers’ wife, Yankee Decker, called her. Dekker — now associated with Morris Hotline, an institution for unwanted conduct in the television sector, among other things — has taken over the case.


In that conversation, the employee confesses to Decker what happened. Then the situation escalates. Eggers repeatedly bullies her in front of her classmates, calling her an “axis of evil”, as well as “poison” and “serpent”, among other things. Two other employees also say that Eggers makes a gesture towards her pretending to cut someone’s throat. In addition, he was telling his colleagues not to work with her anymore. According to the woman, Eggers also harassed her outside of the workplace.

Volkskrant He also has an email from a fellow NOS to the woman stating that Egbers is often guilty of indecent behavior towards women in the editorial office.

In the end, the woman reports the facts to the editors. He promises to talk to Egbers and advise her to go to the police if he continues. According to her, the conversation with Eggers came to nothing: the bullying continues. A year later, the woman left NOS Sport.

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NOS response:
NOS does not want to respond to the allegations against Tom Eggers. In general, the spokesperson stated that the broadcaster with all NOS employees working in VolkskrantThe material is mentioned in the conversation. Earlier this week, broadcaster Gerard Timmer said no one had been suspended. According to him, the consequences for personnel can only be traced after a fact-finding investigation. This has not happened yet. In recent months, the NOS has turned up hundreds of small reports of abusive behavior and harsh culture in the workplace, but it hasn’t heard both sides. Or Eggbers tomorrow night as usual Sports studio The gifts are not yet clear, according to NOS.
The announcer says he is “ashamed of the experiences” he reads De Volkskrant. “To everyone who has been through this, we once again offer our sincerest apologies.”


In his reply, Eggers says he informed the editor-in-chief and management about the affair with the woman. Regrets this relationship. “I deeply regret our relationship the way it is now, after so many years,” he told the newspaper. Because of the grief I have caused in my own life. The fact that she was in her twenties at the time and I was in my forties, looking back after all these years, is very important to me. “Fifteen years later I say: I should not have done that.”

According to the staff, the incident is the reason why no violations were reported on the Morris hotline in the past period. Staff do not feel safe and do not believe their complaints will be dealt with independently. Decker could not be reached for comment on Friday and had previously refused to speak to him De Volkskrant. Through her attorney, Richard Korver, Decker told that newspaper that she doubted whether the journalists were “acting openly and objectively.” Korver says Dekker welcomes the fact that “a sick culture/climate within a media company is being condemned.”

Egbers with his wife, Janke Dekker © Pronoprice

She announced earlier today that she is temporarily stepping down as head of the hotline, but this has nothing to do with the abuses in the NOS or her husband (see box below).


The former broadcaster, Aisha Marghadi, tells her story in the article. When she asks editor-in-chief Martin Nutter for a mentor, and she says she has Tom Eggers in mind, he warns her. Egbers had “difficulty with pretty women”. He said Tom had had problems in the editorial office before. He didn’t go into details, but he was firm. “This could not have happened,” Marghadi said in the article. The site had contacted her earlier on Friday, but she did not want to provide any further explanation.

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Margady also says that during her tenure at NOS she was widely bullied in the editorial room and unsuccessfully lashed out at editors-in-chief. She said she was berated for her background and ridiculed for her limited knowledge. Practically no one did anything to protect her, she said. She also talks about her experience with former classmate Jack Van Gelder who made inappropriate comments. For example, he invites her to his bathroom. Van Gelder calls this a “misplaced joke”.

Noter replies, one of the four-member NOS Sport editor-in-chief who has been there for seventeen years. We also find it painful that she experienced it in this way in relation to Aisha Marghadi, the sports presenter who is often mentioned in the article. At that time we tried to guide and help her wherever possible. I don’t recognize myself in the examples you mentioned. It’s sad that she experienced this method.”


NOS launched an internal investigation into the infringing behavior in December. According to informed sources, “dozens of reports” have surfaced of alleged abuse against sports editors, which have been barricaded by an outside confidential consultant. These included reports of bullying, (sexual) intimidation, discrimination, verbal abuse, and integrity issues over a period of more than twenty years.

The outside confidential advisor’s report indicates that reporters believe management at NOS Sport has not done enough with signals of infringing behaviour.

NOS Sport’s editor-in-chief announced Thursday that he will be stepping down in due course, and a further investigation into dozens of reports will follow. Broadcasting chief Gerard Timmer says he was “deeply affected” and apologized for the abuse.

Marie DeVries

Journalist and former professional cyclist Marijn de Vries (44) also reported inappropriate behavior by an employee of NOS Sport some six years ago. No action has been taken on this report, she wrote in her column on Friday Norwegian Refugee Council. I reported the same incident again a year ago, but nothing happened at that time either. “It hurt my career, but mostly me as a person. It was eating me up from the inside.”

NOS said in response to De Vries’ column that there was contact with her last year. A spokesperson said: “We realize we haven’t done things right and paid enough attention to what you experienced in 2016.” Her column again shows how much this affected her. And it hurts.”

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Gunay Oslu is the State Minister for Culture and Information in the fourth Rutte government.
Gunay Oslu is the State Minister for Culture and Information in the fourth Rutte government. © Dingina Mall

FM Oslo: ‘Look at the underlying systemic causes’

State Minister Gunay Oslo for Culture and Information believes that the NOS management and the editor-in-chief of NOS Sport should take measures so that infringing behavior does not happen “again”. It touches her “that the staff felt insecure,” she says in her response.

“These problems are broader in the media sector and the systemic causes behind these problems must also be considered,” Oslo continues. “The Broadcasting, Behavior and Culture Authority of the Investigative Committee, chaired by Martin van Rijn, is taking this into account in its investigation. I invite the staff, including former employees, to report to the Van Rijn Committee so that their references can be heard there as well.”

Decker returns as president
Earlier today, before posting VolkskrantconditionAnd He informed the Mores Foundation that it is intended that Janke Dekker will return in April as President and Director of the Center for Reporting Unwanted Conduct in the Cultural and Creative Sector. Board member Amber de Vente reported this on Friday. De Vente temporarily took over Dekker’s duties in March.

“Everyone in Mores has different regular activities, which sometimes conflict in terms of time with commitment to Mores,” says De Venti. The hotline previously stated that Decker’s decision had “absolutely nothing to do” with the investigation of the abusive conduct at NOS Sports. Dekker is married to Tom Egbers, who has been a broadcaster for years NOS Sports.

In January, Decker told Radio NPO1 that she would resign immediately if there were reports about herself or her family members. “The reputation of the hotline always comes first. There may also be complaints from myself. If it is the only one who comes out, I will be held accountable and I will quit.”

Yankee Decker and Morris could not be reached for comment Friday evening.

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