Amat El Hajj: European first, surprises in basketball and scored on the ice

Amat El Hajj: European first, surprises in basketball and scored on the ice

Each month, presenters Bart Jan Westerduin and Paco Pasteros Leon take you into the world of American sports with a Leiden twist. (Photo: Jerry Van Backle)

The Hajj nation had its first European. Erin Mattson, the new head coach of the University of North Carolina (that’s right, Key City) field hockey program, has been interviewed by European media for the first time. A great opportunity for an American sports program with a Leiden twist.

First, presenters Bart Jan Westerduin and Paco Paco Busteros Leon looked to March Madness, the tournament in which the university’s best basketball teams compete against each other. The finals were held in early April. It was a tournament of surprises, where all the seeds were eliminated in the first rounds, so there were many “Cinderellas” in the tournament.

Presenters Bart Jan Westerduin and Paco Busteros Leon explain what happens on a Pilgrim Nation broadcast.

The men’s semi-finals featured three teams that had never made it this far in a tournament before. Miami, San Diego State and Florida Atlantic. The fourth team was Uconn (University of Connecticut), a four-time champion and towering favourite. Uconn fully lived up to this favorite role, and the San Diego State fairy tale lasted only one game for far too long. It was the fifth title for Uconn, who have never lost an NCAA Tournament Final.

The women’s final was a real spectacle. Finalists LSU and Iowa were already upsets and players Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark had the spotlight. Clark scored thirty points in the final, but it wasn’t enough. At LSU, Jasmine Carson stood out, who played perfect in the first half. Five three-pointers (including a buzzer beater in the first half), two hits and two free throws, all hits.

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Iowa was unable to recover and LSU was crowned the new champion. The final broke several records including those for display numbers and points scored. Clark and Reese will stay with college basketball for another year, so a great college season lies ahead.

Presenters: Bart Jan Westerduin and Paco Busteros Leon Look back at March Madness, the ultimate college basketball tournament.

After that, attention turned to the NBA playoffs. The Dallas Mavericks notably missed the playoffs as they shut out all of their starters in their final game, which resulted in them not participating in the playoffs. They did this to increase their chances of being selected in the #1 draft, because that’s the European super-talent Victor Wimpagniana. Every NBA team wants it.

The surprising entrant is the Sacramento Kings, who made the playoffs for the first time in sixteen years and also now lead 2-0 against the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors.

Presenters: Bart Jan Westerduin and Paco Busteros Leonon NBA Playoffs.

Then it’s time for the scoop, the interview with Erin Mattson. who was named head coach of the University of North Carolina (UNC) field hockey program in February at the age of 22. In the interview, Matson talks about her choice of coaching, her role models, and how fun hockey is. Why she didn’t go to Europe, what it’s like to train her former teammates, and much more. And all first in Key City.

Earlier, presenters Bart Jan Westerduin and Paco Busteros Leon spoke with the new head coach of North Carolina Field Hockey League, Erin Mattson.

In the last minutes of the broadcast, attention was paid to the historic record of the Boston Bruins (ice hockey). They’ve won 65 games this season and are the favorites to win the Stanley Cup, so the pressure is massive.
Next broadcast is Wednesday, May 17th at 6 p.m.

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