Tokyo 2020 |  A big surprise in women's football: America makes it difficult for the big favorites against Sweden

Tokyo 2020 | A big surprise in women’s football: America makes it difficult for the big favorites against Sweden

The Swedish women made it clear from the first minute that they didn’t like the world championship at all. Sweden overshadowed the United States in the early stages, leaving some good opportunities to take the lead. In the 25th minute he was injured. Stina Blackstenius put in a good header on her debut and deservedly put her team at 1-0.

The US was fortunate to have stayed that way until the break, but after tea the favorite title match wasn’t much better. Sweden continued their dominance and rewarded themselves again in the 55th minute. A corner kick was initially directed towards the post, but Blacksteinus paid close attention and rebounded into the roof of the goal.

After 2-0, the US women created a little more chances, but in the 72nd minute, Lena Hurtig delivered a knockout. Kristen Press, the American left winger, had a great chance of scoring the connecting goal two minutes ago. From close range, Bryce managed to hit the post for an open target. A few moments later, Hurtig nodded with a perfect pass from Hanna Glass and with that put the final score on the board.

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For the United States, there is certainly no man at sea. Finishing second in Group G, which also includes Australia and New Zealand, is enough to qualify for the next round. Even a three digit number might last up to the knockout stage so there is definitely no woman abroad for the US. A second place finish in Group G, which also consists of Australia and New Zealand, is enough to qualify for the next round and even a number of three figures can advance to the knockout stage. The chance of the tournament ending early for the world champions is still slim, but the way the Swedish women have outperformed the team will worry national coach Andonovsky.

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