To Peter, Biden is the grandfather America needs right now

To Peter, Biden is the grandfather America needs right now

“It’s a very special day. A mixture of comfort and joy. It’s finally back to normal,” says Peter, as he watches his TV constantly with a tilted eye so that nothing misses the inauguration. “I feel like I have been in quarantine for four years.”

Peter lived in the Netherlands for thirty years. “I’ve lived here now as long as I’ve lived in the United States.” So he no longer thinks about returning to his homeland. “But I still vote every time.” All Americans overseas are permitted to vote in the election.

Decisive vote?

Those foreign votes count in the state in which you last lived as an American. In Peter’s case, this is Arizona. The last election was a decisive case for Biden’s final victory. “He only won 14,000 votes,” says Peter. “I am originally from New York state. My vote was of little value there, because this state has always been for the Democrats.”

I didn’t want an old white man for president. “

Peter Wermosky

But during the primaries, Biden was not his favorite. I didn’t want an old white man for president. ” His hopes rested on Kamala Harris. But she lost to Biden in the primaries. And he can now live with that very well. “America needs some kind of grandpa who can calm things down.”

“Biden has said he only wants one term, so I hope Kamala has a chance.” But he does not dare to predict whether the woman will actually be sworn in as president at four in the morning. “I give up on prediction. After Trump I no longer dare to burn my hands for predictions, but anything is possible.” The first vote has already arrived for Kamala Harris, from Vimilling.

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Peter Wirmusky was taken from Wemeldinge

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