Caitlyn Jenner Becomes Owner of the Women's Racing Team: 'I Will Win' |  other sports

Caitlyn Jenner Becomes Owner of the Women’s Racing Team: ‘I Will Win’ | other sports

Caitlyn Jenner will compete in the W Series, the women’s motorsport championship, from next season with her racing stable. The former Olympic champion and reality star will become the head coach of the team, named Jenner Racing.

Jenner, who won gold in the decathlon at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, already has motorsports experience. She competed in the IMSA Camel GT Championship in the 1980s, and debuted a total of 57 times. In a statement, Jenner said he is a fan of motorsports and supports women in the sport. These two things make her participation in the W Series fun.

The first race in the W Series is scheduled for May 8 next season at the Miami International Autodrome. “I will be shining with pride in May when my Jenner Racing team races to win the W Series in the first race of the season in Miami. As always, I am vying to win,” Jenner said.

The first season of the W Series took place in 2019. The Dutch Beitske Visser is also active in the W Series.

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