TK member @D66 Lisa van Ginneken who escaped Twitter grumbles obnoxiously stupidly about TRANSFOBIE in a LinkedIn safe bubble

How can an upper middle class party use low quality speech

The ideological transgression by the feminist of color you’re so upset about can be seen below. Some key phrases from her share here:

A voice full of mood swings and lies. A voice that feeds lack of freedom and hatred. (…) fed by Pictures of fear devoid of artificial facts and theoriespeople against each other. (…) That is why I will continue to work for freedom and security. And of course I hope you will participate. Today, on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, and every other day of the year.”

Let’s say you’re really so wrapped up that you think you can cheaply reduce that look to the good and the bad. If you really think so, as Lisa does, you have the bottom line Certainly not the best for that With young men venturing into the ideological/psychological/physical minefield of gender dysphoria. Then you are just an empty avatar of something as banal as ideology, a tribal algorithm embodied, a redeemable pawn in a field you cannot oversee, a fourth thinker.

A trans woman is male, regardless of gender perception


The redeemable void of a dualistic view of the world


TL; DR you’re just rhetorically flawed because you still think that…

Transitioning between the sexes, no matter how extensive the surgeries and hormonal interventions, is tantamount to transitioning between the sexes. This is conceptually indefensible, you know it in your heart but you don’t dare admit it, which is why you fled to LinkedIn.

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with you “Pictures of fear devoid of artificial facts and theories.


The ideological home invasion by the intruder in question

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