Tim Schroeder embarks on a 5,000km bike ride across the US for the Usher Syndrome Foundation.

Tim Schroeder embarks on a 5,000km bike ride across the US for the Usher Syndrome Foundation.

Tim Schroeder is the father of Elena, a 7-year-old girl with Usher syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes deafness and blindness. On Wednesday, March 6, Tim left America for a 5,000km mega bike ride across America. The aim is to raise as much money as possible for the Usher Syndrome Foundation.

Text and photos by Charles Duijff

Imagine you are the parent of a daughter or son who is almost certain to be deaf and blind by the age of ten. A perpetual resident of darkness since childhood. Darkness and deathly silence. You don't want to think about that, do you? I know you are often asked to make a financial contribution to a good cause. When you are faced with a condition like Usher Syndrome, what else can you do but contribute to medical research if you think for a moment about the consequences for young children who suffer from it?!

Usher syndrome is a genetic condition that causes hearing and vision loss. Tim Schroeder's 7-year-old daughter Elena was born with it. He currently wears hearing aids, but his hearing is expected to deteriorate further, and his vision will gradually deteriorate from the age of 10. Terrible!

Come! Donate something first, then read the story quickly! Every euro counts! Donations can also be made through Fight against deafness

Father Tim cycles about 5,000 kilometers from San Diego to Jacksonville in the US. His schedule is about 120 kilometers a day. Luckily he wasn't cycling alone! His friend Richard Hubert, who rode with Tim from Hooftorp to Alicante a few years ago, will also be making this long journey with him!
All this to raise at least €50,000 for the Usher Syndrome Foundation. The trek should be completed within 45 days.

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“This terrible disease is something I cannot accept,” says Tim Schroeder. “That's why I want this bike ride to not only raise awareness about Usher syndrome, but also raise money for medical research that leads to a cure.”

Tim Schroeder consciously chose the southern layer cycle route through America to reach a wider audience. “It goes a long way, and it can have an impact,” he says. “Also, I think America is a good country to involve local people in our story.”
To make the trip possible, Tim Schroeder enlisted the support of his father and a friend. “My father rents a car and drives us to Houston to support us. Then a friend takes over,” he says. “It will certainly help to give limited facilities on a long stretch of the route.”

Tim Schroeder is asking for community support and donations to help him reach his goal. “Every contribution, big or small, helps realize our mission to raise awareness of Usher syndrome and fight for a cure,” he added.

Again: You can also donate through Fight against deafness

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