Three signs of hidden depression, according to an expert

Three signs of hidden depression, according to an expert

Depression is not always obvious. So a mental health expert explains what the three signs of hidden depression are, so you can intervene sooner. Whether it's with yourself or with someone else.

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Three signs of hidden depression

anthony d. Smith works in the mental health field and talks to him American Psychology Today About depression. “Depression is a broad term, and most people seem to have an idea, if not a completely accurate one, of what it means,” he says. “Some may think the symptoms are sadness, while others imagine a suicidal personality.” This practice is less obvious: depression can also manifest in other ways.

1. Sigh

Simply sighing in itself does not necessarily have to be a sign that someone is experiencing negative emotions. “But if the frequent vocal sighs are accompanied by other notes, it may be time to check in on that person (or yourself),” says Smith.

People sigh more often when they are stressed or emotional. How does that happen? It is said to help people stuck in negative emotions return to a manageable emotional state.

2. Disturbances

The expert says that lack of sleep and lack of appetite for depression alone can cause irritability and anxiety. But the overthinking that accompanies depression makes it worse. Smith: “A person's emotional experience can be like a pot with a lid on that begins to boil; “We can’t see it, but the vibration indicates there is something inside.”

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3. Frustration

Both anxiety and sighing are associated with the third sign of hidden depression. “Sometimes we roll our eyes and/or put our hands in front of our faces when we feel frustrated. But if it becomes a personality trait, chronic internalizing disorder will likely maintain it.”

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