This will change soon on WhatsApp

This will change soon on WhatsApp

The new iOS beta shows that we will soon be ditching WhatsApp's eternal green colour.

Theme colours

In the beta version, users will be given the option to customize the app's theme colors. Options are green, blue, white, pink or purple. It's not entirely clear what exactly changes color. Possibly speech bubbles, but notification dots can also be colored, for example. Until now, WhatsApp users could only customize the app by choosing a different background for their conversations.

Next update?

Unfortunately, it is not known when the functionality will become available to the general public. According to experts, it could be released with the next major update, although of course this remains just speculation. So far, the update has only appeared in the latest beta version of Apple's WhatsApp app, but it's expected that Android devices will also be able to use it in the future.

Did you know that you can also use WhatsApp on computer? Useful if you want to write a long story or don't want to have your phone on hand all the time while working. Tech vlogger Nina explains how it works.

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