RDW advises: Object to the torrent of fines from London

RDW advises: Object to the torrent of fines from London

The government agency said in a response to RTL News that the service could not do much for the affected entrepreneurs. “An extremely unpleasant situation for the citizens and businesses affected by this,” the Land Transport Agency says.

The problem – piles of fines and wrongly charged collection costs – has been known to RDW for some time. The first reports of this date date back to 2022. As a result, the service launched an investigation.

The license plate data was passed through Italy

For example, the way license plate data (owner and address) for Dutch trucks and passenger cars ended up with Euro Parking Control (ECP). This company collects fines across Europe on behalf of municipalities and cities, including London.

However, the data are not provided by RDW. There is no agreement to share this with the UK if the purpose of the request is to impose environmental taxes. This is what fines are imposed on carriers, even if they have already paid the tax.

7.5 million fines

Combined, this amounts to €7.5 million in fees and reminder costs, RTL News reported last week based on figures from Transport in Nood. This company specializes in dealing with international fines.

RDW says it cannot assess whether the fines are justified or unjustified. The service figured out how ECP obtained license plate data. These have been requested from RDW by the Italian services for punishable traffic violations. If so, the RDW must provide the data. But not for fines due to environmental zones.

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The reason why data was sent from Italy to EPC is being investigated at the request of RDW in Italy. RDW has also “urgently” asked EPC to withdraw the fines, but with no result so far.

File an objection

The only thing the service can advise affected drivers and motorists to do is to file an objection. For many victims, this advice comes too late, because the deadlines for this have long passed. Even then, filing an objection is still a good idea, according to RDW.

The service is monitoring the situation and requests for license plate data from abroad are being monitored “closely”. The company did not immediately respond to questions from RTL News.

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