This is what you should eat if you exercise a lot –

This is what you should eat if you exercise a lot –

After a summer vacation filled with croissants, ice cream, and pizza, you may be able to lose some weight. The reason is not only to pay attention to your food, but also to exercise more. What do you eat when you exercise with such enthusiasm?

Judith Schilling, a sports nutritionist and nutrition coach, explains first that dieting that is too strict doesn’t work. “You don’t necessarily lose weight if you consume too few calories or nutrients. Eating too little can cause your body to go into starvation mode. Then everything you eat is retained. Your body always needs the right basic nutrition.” she says on HLN.

If you exercise at least three times a week, it is also important that you eat enough carbohydrates and protein. “When you exercise, you stress your body and this requires a lot of energy. You can build this energy by eating a few extra carbohydrates before training. This is not necessary, but it can help you get more out of your sport.

Bananas and pasta are ideal for endurance sports. “A simple banana is the perfect energy supplier. You can run or cycle for one to one and a half hours on these carbohydrates. If you are traveling for a longer period, it is helpful to eat a plate of pasta two to three hours before.

If you prefer strength training, it’s important to get enough protein. “Proteins are essential for muscle growth. Without protein you break down your muscles faster than you build them.

But you don’t really need protein shakes. “If you eat a bowl of cheese (200 grams), two eggs, a piece of chicken fillet or tofu, and two slices of cheese with cheese all day, it means you have already consumed this. At every moment of eating, your body can absorb a maximum of 30 grams of necessary proteins.” For muscle growth, which is why distribution is important.

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Anyone who does not exercise more than three times a week will get enough protein with a normal diet. However, keen athletes can take nutritional supplements. “For example, omega-3, vitamin D, and magnesium. If you exercise four to five times a week and notice that your muscles have trouble relaxing afterward, magnesium citrate can help with that.”

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