Science Weekend 2023: From space travel to robotics

Science Weekend 2023: From space travel to robotics

On October 7 and 8, 2023, about 300 universities, companies and research institutions will once again open their doors to all those obsessed with science and technology. Not only will scientists and experts tell you all about their research during Science Weekend, but you can also participate in all kinds of experiments and other fun activities.

We cannot now do without science and technology. From your phone or computer to your neighbor’s self-driving car, everyone benefits from the latest technological gadgets. Science Weekend gives everyone a unique look behind the scenes every year. Because how does the world actually discover a new vaccine? How do you search for life in space? How do you find ancient fossils?

Science is hot

Once again this year there will be many hotspots across the country. In these places you will find all kinds of fun programs and experiences within walking distance of each other. Perfect for you and your family to go out for a day. From Groningen to Zealand, you can go anywhere for a good dose of science and technology.

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Enschede is a real science hotspot this year. It’s Saxion Technology Day, where you go on a journey of discovery through all kinds of smart technology applications. You can build a bridge over a river simulator or discover what a virtual reality world looks like.

In Rotterdam you will find the Erasmus University Science Festival. Here you can create a self-portrait with the help of artificial intelligence, learn to program and study a robot, or discover the magical mind of a teenager.

You can also indulge your scientific passion at LocHal Library, Brabant Nature Museum or Discoverstation013 in Tilburg Spoorzone.

Photo: Ilya Mevot.

Salt bags

Many institutions have participated in Science Weekend for years. Take for example the Honeybed Center in Borger or the Railway Museum in Utrecht. A frequent highlight for many people is a visit to ESA-ESTEC in Noordwijk. At the NL Space Tent you will not only learn what our small country is doing in the field of space travel, but Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers will also be present.

There are also some new faces this year. This way you can immerse yourself in the technical world of Burgers’ Ocean at Burgers Zoo in Arnhem. Usually only caretakers and biologists come here, but now you are welcome too. Did you know, for example, that they make their own seawater there using huge bags of salt? So you see: there are still a lot of beautiful things to discover.

Curious about what else you can do? You can find the entire program starting Wednesday, September 27 at

This article was produced in collaboration with Weekend of Science.

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