This is what Santa’s sleigh should look like according to science

This is what Santa’s sleigh should look like according to science

For years and years, Rudolph and his cohorts have literally and figuratively pulled the wagon over Christmas. And this man, his burgundy belly in the back, takes credit. On top of that, Santa’s sleigh doesn’t exactly look like it’s going by Adrian Newey Signed. Students from the University of Lancashire (a few years ago) came up with a solution to this.

Every year they build a car that uses its fuel as efficiently as possible. While working on this, they find that Santa’s sleigh could use an upgrade. “He can travel 510,000,000 km in 32 hours,” the students wondered, “but is Santa’s sleigh as efficient as possible?” subway.

As students do, science was called out. The end result is this streamlined capsule. It is more aerodynamic and creates much less air resistance than the current sled. If students build it, they get carbon fiber for the cart and aluminum for the sled. Very nice reindeer.

Now let Santa exercise in addition to a hip diet and ride around 510,000,000 km that will be done in no time. Thus, the lap speed on the Nürburgring will be much faster. This lap time now is not sick either. You can read that below.

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