How do you talk to them?

Anilut Jhansi (21/12) wrote that terrorism suspects should not be called “fantasies”, but that we should investigate “any ideological basis and ideas upon which the suspects themselves act”.

As a staunch Democrat, I’d like to speak to these “fantasists.” If they refer to themselves as “imaginary”, I can understand that. Investigating how they view the world is the basis for understanding, dialogue and perhaps nuances. This is part of the basic democratic values. But there’s a catch: some of them believe the world is ruled by strange reptiles or similar monsters; Some reject the government but then use all the services of that government. Many reject science, but apply logic and rational thinking where appropriate. They are angry. It’s nice to know what their thoughts are, but what conversation can I have next? How can you talk to people who think it’s a good idea to go to Parliament and force the government to resign? How do you talk to people who immediately see someone with (real) scientific arguments as an enemy? What if they see my objections as evidence that I’m in the depths of the deep state?


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