This is the dirtiest place in your kitchen

This is the dirtiest place in your kitchen

Most forgotten place: spice jars

A study shows that spice jars are the dirtiest part of the kitchen. The reason for this is quite logical: you don’t over think it and forget to clean it up. While cooking, season your dish with some herbs without washing your hands first, that’s why. And because you don’t expect those spice jars to be a breeding ground for bacteria, you also don’t preserve them like stovetop or dishtowels.

contamination transmission

Don’t panic if you haven’t taken care of cleaning your spice jars lately, but it’s definitely a good idea to think about this in the future and move forward with soap and water soon. Because cross contamination happens here the most. Although, according to the researchers, this doesn’t have to happen right away, you run a greater risk if you neglect to clean your spice jars.

Be especially careful with certain ingredients

So keep your spice jars clean by cleaning them weekly with warm, soapy water. The outside and edges are the dirtiest and this is where cross contamination happens the fastest. But it is also important to be more aware of the use of jars. It’s better to wash your hands too often than too little, especially if you’re working with raw meat, raw fish, eggs, and shellfish.

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