This game is very similar to Pokemon, is this allowed?

This game is very similar to Pokemon, is this allowed?

On a legal level, there is debate about whether or not the samples exist In the world It will look a lot like the monsters from Pokemon, which is protected by copyright. Out of 131 samples In the worldAccording to gaming lawyer and Pokemon fan Rene Otto, at least 30 of them look very similar to existing monsters. Pokemon. This relates, for example, to similar colours, eyes and posture. This falls under copyright and is therefore an infringement.

Passionate for Pokemon fans

It also has a huge emotional impact on Pokemon fans. So there are those who exist PokemonThe theme song, “Gotta Catch Em All”, is now a different version produced by angry Pokémon fans: “Gotta Shoot Em All”, directed to In the worldMakers. Things are also going crazy online. Pokemon fan Matthias Kuipers doesn't feel that anger himself, and believes it's down to the emerging purism in the Netherlands, but he understands the dissatisfaction: “It's also good to express your anger somewhere if you've had a bad day.”

Adjust designs or compensation

There may already be a lot of discussions going on in the background with both parties' attorneys. Otto believes there are two possible solutions. Designs need to be modified before In the worldl In the world You should pay compensation to the creators Pokemon (Nintendo), through profit sharing.

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