Thirty Children Stuck In A Theme Park In Belgium |  abroad

Thirty Children Stuck In A Theme Park In Belgium | abroad

The attraction was blocked due to a technical flaw. El Volador, “the pride of the Mexican arena,” is how Bellewaerde Park calls the rotating tower in which children are stuck at about 15 meters high.

On Friday afternoon, the park administration said, “Don’t panic, everyone is calm.” Westhock area firefighters had to use a ladder truck to free the children. The Red Cross also came to receive the children.

“Our technicians first tried to remove the gondola themselves. Then a Westhoek fire brigade was called in to help the kids disembark. The kids were brought one by one in a belt. This mainly concerned children around the age of thirteen. After the evacuation, they were housed in a Texas restaurant.” Grill near Mexico Square in the park.The fire brigade conducts annual exercises on this attraction, so they know very well how to behave, “says the fire brigade spokesman.

This is not the first time

This isn’t the first time Gravity has had a jolt. In 2006 the gravity shattered, and 13 theme park goers stopped. In 2013, the attraction was banned again, when seven people had nowhere to go for an hour. In those cases, the cold weather was associated with blackouts. In 2018, 40 visitors were trapped at the attraction, according to police in the Arro Ieper Police District.

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