Thijs Römer will not allow a holiday in Thailand to be spoiled by advertising

Thijs Römer will not allow a holiday in Thailand to be spoiled by advertising

While Thijs Römer (44) and his wife Igone de Jongh (42) are enjoying a romantic vacation on Thai islands like Koh Phangan and Koh Samui, Nena Kruizenga (20), who accuses the actor of infringing behaviour, is still waiting for a response. from his side.

the truth

Nina tells the truth about her and Thess must be revealed, and she wants him to apologize. She recently posted another message on Twitter: “Isn’t it time for Tig Roemer?” Nina, who also gave her story to the police, now tells the story: “The police are busy with her. I can’t say more about that. She does not know if Thess has filed a complaint against her. “I haven’t seen or heard anything about her.” Story approached Thijs Römer’s management, but this did not answer the question if the actor had filed a counter-advertisement against Nena. After these allegations, Thijs decided to stop following Nina on Twitter. So he would have stopped her. It can now be seen that he is following her again. According to some, it may be because he wants to monitor if she reports anything else about him. “I still hope he opens his mouth every day and tells the truth,” Nina said on Twitter last week.

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