This is how it is now with Faris and Ishani dating for the same money

This is how it is now with Faris and Ishani dating for the same money spoke to Faris and Ishani to ask how they are now – long after the recordings. They said how they liked to meet for the same money to participate.

“We didn’t really know what to expect, so we thought it was very exciting,” the couple replied. They feared that the homes they saw would not meet their needs. Fortunately, it wasn’t too bad and they found it pretty fun in the end. “After seeing the four houses, we became more and more inspired,” says Ishani.

Fares often look at for the same money He acknowledged his special status in the case of the participants. He introduced himself and Ishani thinking that they would not be chosen anyway, but moments later became enthusiastic participants of the program themselves. “Ishani didn’t know I had given up, but it was a really nice surprise,” Faris says. The couple had known for some time that they wanted to live in the Goes region, but Ishani privately thought the move from The Hague to Zeeland was a big deal. “The program and the trial life were perfect solutions to see if this really suited us,” says Faris.

How did the couple live the experience? “We thought the experimental life was a fun experience,” Ishani says. Then, they noticed that they couldn’t cram their whole life into one week. Through the experience of living and participating in the program, they found out that they definitely wanted to live near Goes.

In conclusion, Faris and Ishani came with good news. They are getting married in November! Of course they were disappointed after the offer of the third house was turned down. After the program ended, they looked at a number of houses, but they did not make any concrete offers. Faris and Ishani decided to focus on their wedding and then look no further.

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