These are the Oscar nominees

These are the Oscar nominees

This summer, the world's favorite supervillain Gru, along with his army of goofy Minions, will return after seven years in a new “Despicable Me” movie.

The first images immediately show that time has not stopped. In the movie “Despicable Me 4,” also known as “Despicable Me 4,” Gru, Lucy, and their daughters – Margo, Edith, and Agnes – expand their family with a new member: Gru Junior.

Together they live a (somewhat) quiet and happy life, but that changes when an old enemy from Gru's past, a villain named Maxime Le Mal, escapes from prison and seeks revenge. Gru, now a secret agent for the Anti-Villain League, is forced to flee with his family.

“Despicable Me” is one of the most successful animated series of all time. Since the release of the first film “Despicable Me” in 2010, four more films have been released, including two live-action sequels released in 2013 and 2017 respectively, and two spin-off films “Minions” and “Minions: The Rise” of the puppy. Together, the films have grossed more than $4.4 billion worldwide.

Watch the trailer for Despicable Me 4 here:

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