As of October 31, video service Flixster will cease its Dutch activities. The website, apps and services will be taken offline from that moment on. Users of the service can migrate their purchases to Google Play.

The video service announced this in an email to its users. Flixster has ceased operations following the closure of UltraViolet, its digital movie vault, which will close on July 31. With Flixster it is possible to watch movies purchased through Ultraviolet. Flixster has also been discontinued in the US.

The company announces in the mail that users can migrate their purchased movies to Google Play. It is not yet known how this process will take place. The service indicates that it will inform users at a later stage. Additionally, Flixster notes that some purchased movies may not play in Google Play. “Some other restrictions may also apply depending on the terms of use and available features of Google Play in your country,” the email said.

On October 31, 2019, all Flixster activities in the Netherlands will be taken offline. From that moment on, the Company’s website, applications and services will no longer be accessible. Flixster users will need to log into their accounts at least once before July 31 to stay connected to their UltraViolet catalog. Any download codes users still have before July 31 must also be redeemed.