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These are the measures against Corona that are being debated in the House of Representatives: curfews, fewer visitors, and a flight ban

Helpful overview: These are the new measures that Prime Minister Marc Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jong announced on Wednesday 20 January against Corona. Rutte said the measures were aimed at preventing a third wave.


– It is prohibited to be outside between 8.30 PM and 4.30 AM
Valid until February 9th
– In principle it applies to everyone, but exceptions are possible (eg for work)
A signed statement is required to show your reason for being abroad
A false statement is a “crime,” says Rutte
Exceptions for people who never have to go to work: such as nurses, police officers, and people who work on the road. Then the statement of the employer is also required
– You can walk your dog
– Supermarkets and other food stores should be closed early (call for more frequent shopping in the morning)
The curfew has not been discussed by the House of Representatives yet. That will happen on Thursday. With a green light, the procedure will take effect after a few days

Visiting at home is more limited

Call to have a maximum of one person (age 13 or older) at home
Effective immediately
Call to visit a place up to one time per day

Delivering and taking out food

Food is not permitted during curfew times
– Couriers are still allowed on the road (they also need an employer statement)

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Funerals and cremation

– From a maximum of 100 to a maximum of 50 individuals
Starting Monday January 25th

Flight ban

– No-fly time from UK, South Africa and all South American countries
The exclusion for business trips has been canceled
Exceptions remain for journalists and top athletes

Restrictions on travelers

– All travelers from all countries traveling to the Netherlands must take a rapid test (in addition to the already mandatory PCR test)
A 10-day quarantine commitment for everyone who arrives in the Netherlands by air
A plea to stay in the Netherlands

Work from home

– There are no new procedures. The connection remains: work at home


By at least February 7th, distance education
Childcare facilities outside school are closed during this period
MBO, HBO and WO: can take exams and exams
– Voiceover: Practical instruction and lessons for exam and school exam students can be conducted on site
For children of parents who have a critical profession, there is emergency care in elementary school or childcare and after school care


Adults exercise alone or in pairs
– Just outside
– Children up to 17 years old can play sports outside as a team and can play matches between them (outside only)

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To walk

– the outside? Call out with family members only or with a group of up to two people

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