These are the four talented finalists in The Voice Kids 2021

These are the four talented finalists in The Voice Kids 2021

It makes or breaks for the candidates. The stars sing from the sky and perform their best performances to convince their coach that they deserve that place in the final. But who were the four who made it to the finish line?

Team Ilse: Faela (13 years old)

Picking a final candidate from a club of five girls is no easy task. It seems Faela is not only one of the favorite candidates for other coaches, but also Ilse. With her self-written song “Wild And Free”, she stole Elsie’s heart. “I choose someone to think about: there is future potential in him. With something in which I can play a role and help,” Ilse explains her choice.

Team Snel: Marc Floor (14 years old)

In Team Snel, four nominees are eager to go to the Final. Unfortunately for them, there is only one final place for one. The coaches’ opinions are divided. Despite his broken voice, Mark Fleur made so much an impression in previous rounds that Snelle is convinced he can win with him.

Ali’s Team: Emma (12 years old)

Ali also faces a difficult choice. All four girls have an angelic voice, which makes it difficult for him to choose only one final candidate. “I love the four of you and I take … Emma.” Through her exemplary “warrior” performance she was able to move the trainers to tears. The chance of winning the final match increases more and more.

The Voice Kids It will be broadcast on RTL4 on Friday at 8 pm. Watch the episode via RTL XL Videoland.

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