These are the 14 coolest games of this summer

These are the 14 coolest games of this summer

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They keep your head cool, elegant curtains and give your look a sporty look The last touch. We’re talking about the baseball cap, the hat that was worn last year Favorite fashion accessory It turns out that he belongs to many fashionistas. This summer, the hat isn’t going to give up either (although she may have to share it with her famous hair scarf).

Pettenparade during fashion weeks

The baseball cap that came from America is of course not new, it is a practical accessory that never seems “outdated”. We’ve known them for years with the logos of different baseball teams (or other sports), but in 2021 we also see hats in all kinds of colors and Decorated with prints, quotes, and embroidery.

It was the hat that I made sport filled The theme was emphasized again during fashion weeks. The baseball cap was the star during the regeneration period Celine sSpring/Summer 2021 show And they’ve even been paired with dancers (yes, that flat shoe is making a comeback). The result? Proof that you can also go street style with a cool sports hat.

In addition to Celine, the designer advocates Demna Jivasalia from the brand Balenciaga Of course for years to put ‘daddy hat’ back on the fashion agenda. After all, the look that Demna introduced in 2017 and has stuck with ever since is an oversized long coat, chunky sneakers and a hat.

In short: It still works, that hat. Whether you go to the beach, go cycling or go on a trip to the supermarket. We went looking for some great variants to inspire you. With these hats, you’ll get protection in summer and in style.

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12 Beautiful Baseball Caps for Summer 2021:

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arket cotton cover

This lilac hat looks like the perfect fashion accessory for summer; happy only one normal and simple In addition to any group.

17 euro

a store


Acne Studios embroidered hat

The European Championship may be over for the Netherlands, but fortunately we still have the Olympics. Gear up with this hat, for a great summer of sport in style.

Curious about how to wear orange in your clothes without King’s Day, European Championships, World Cup or Olympic Games? We’ve included some looks here for inspiration.


a store


Paco Rabanne sets fart tie-dye drawing

Say to yourself: this is joyful tie dye in quotes ‘lose yourself’ Isn’t it just screaming for that ultimate summer feeling? This cover fits you perfectly beach waves Which appears below after a cold drizzle in the sea.

155 EUR

a store


Ralph Lauren pets met the logo

This is a classic dad hat It doesn’t really suit anyone. Nice to wear with loose hair or a low bun and perfect for an out door sporting activity where you can use some sun protection.

45 EUR

a store


Isabel Marant’s Pets Met With Denim Lotion

Cute and easy to ride on a bike, but paired with a colorful blouse, adorable printed midi skirt, platform sandals and your favorite summer drink, they’re also perfect for wearing during ELLE bingo on the porch.

120 EUR

a store


Elif burberry met monogram

This cobalt blue cover is perfect match for one cold and Chiller Supplies when the summer temperatures soar.


a store


Sporty and Rich Pet Logo

This cotton cover provides cooling and won’t look out of place on an oversized bowling top loose Jeans, one of those summer looks that Bella Hadid would definitely approve of.

81 euros

a store


Reclaimed Vintage Pet Met Logo

This retro hat has a beautiful color for the summer months. make it one statement Complete your look by pairing it with an elegant black dress and gorgeous black combat boots.

16.99 €

a store


Navy hat with logo

You’ll make a lot of envy with the Marine Conservatory moire hat. extra cute for bad hair days.

322 EUR

a store


Amsterdam Cap Hats With Embroidery

Ultimate copy Athlete Fashion Icon, Princess Diana: Wear this cotton hat with sweatpants, cowboy boots, and an oversized jacket. Voila one without effort Gorgeous Lady DIY style look.

26 EUR

a store


New Era hat with embroidery New York Yankees

We all know this special hat (especially baseball fans among us) and so we can’t stay away from this list. Wear it with sneakers or leave a pair on lace-up sandals Do the trick, if you imagine the clash between sporty and elegant.

26 EUR

a store


Aries hat with embroidery

This adjustable hood is also a nice addition to the collection. Made of 100% cotton with embroidered accents. To a carefree summer no problem.

61 EUR

a store

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