The Women in the VDZ Have a Sting: America's New Boss |  Arnhem Sports

The Women in the VDZ Have a Sting: America’s New Boss | Arnhem Sports

Joost van Elden is the new coach of footballers at the VDZ. The 41-year-old Zutfinar is still staying to train at soccer camps in America, but he will soon succeed Frits van de Wurb at the Cranfelt Sports Park in Arnhem.

Van de Warb left during the season early last month after the club indicated that it did not want to continue with him despite the continuation of the contract.

Van Elden was Trekvogels women’s coach from 2011 to 2013 and then also selection coordinator for the youth club Nijmegen. He then coached the Union Under 17 boys from Malden. He says he is looking forward to his new job.

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“A number of experienced players have stopped at VDZ, but with a fanatical group and a number of new acquisitions, we hope to do well in the top flight next season,” replied Zutphenaar from America.

Arnhem FC was transferred by KNVB from 1D to 1C. “We regret that we have not been appointed to clubs Nijmegen and Brabant, but I am curious about new opponents in North and South Holland, among others.”

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