The woman has no idea how dangerous this animal is

The woman has no idea how dangerous this animal is

Perhaps a fatal error occurred!

When a woman posts a video on TikTok showing a cute animal, she has no idea it’s on file Science It is considered one of the most dangerous.

Science: The vacationer learns about dangerous marine animals

The young lady enjoyed her well-deserved vacation in Bali. Known and active on the TikTok video platform, she has allowed her followers to take part in her sun break. She also held the camera on her when she recognized a small marine animal. this is Science The animal is classified as extremely dangerous, and the woman was not aware of it.

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The video shows an octopus baby with a blue pattern crawling on his hand. The young woman looks at the animal with complete charm. When I took the octopus out to sea soon after, I searched a science page on Google to find out what this little marine creature was about. The surprise couldn’t be greater.

Octopuses can kill humans in minutes

The so-called cute animal is considered one of the most dangerous in marine creatures. Inside the tentacles of a blue-ringed octopus is a toxin charge that can kill 26 adults.

Dramatic part: You don’t notice such a toxic attack until it’s too late. The sting of the dangerous poison is so short and painless that the victims do not notice it. Cramps occur throughout the body within minutes and can lead to death. So far there is no antidote.

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Fortunately, the young woman survived encountering this poisonous marine animal, save for shock. “I called my father and he was crying after three hours,” she joked at the bottom of the video. The short clip will now spreadThe American already has over six million views on TikTok.

but this is not all. The science media in England and America also flock to the amazing story of the young woman. In the international press, the girl has been known since her vacation video. (NB)

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