The village of Sunken arose after decades from an Italian lake, known by Netflix |  abroad

The village of Sunken arose after decades from an Italian lake, known by Netflix | abroad

Lake Reschen, known locally as Lake ResiaIt is located in South Tyrol, the Alpine region bordering Austria and Switzerland. The lake was created in the late 1940’s after the construction of a dam that was built to generate electricity using hydroelectric power.

A massive and financially important operation was at that time at the expense of Coron Village. More than 160 homes were demolished, and 523 hectares of land were forced to flood. Continuous protests by the local population failed and nearly 150 families were deprived of their livelihoods. Only the poet’s bell tower has survived and remains stuck above the water to this day.

The special story surrounding the “sunken village” transformed Reichmere into a true tourist attraction. In the summer months, tourists can take a boat trip on the lake, where they are updated with a guide on Coron’s history. In winter, tourists can walk across the frozen roof to get a closer look at the famous 14th-century steeple.

The lake gained international fame last year after the horror series of the same name about Curon appeared on Netflix. Serial scores on IMDB Tight enough.

Now that Lake Reschen has been temporarily emptied for business, Lago di Rèsia is once again in the spotlight. Photos circulating on social media show some remnants of the Coron River, such as stairs, basements and walls. A woman from the neighborhood tweeted, saying it was “a strange feeling” to walk on the rubble of former homes. Melt BBC.

It is not clear when the Reschenmeer will sink again.

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