The US investor group is interested in the F1 acquisition team

The US investor group is interested in the F1 acquisition team

At a time when Formula 1 teams are facing financial difficulties due to the Corona crisis, it is always good to hear that the parties are ready to invest in a team. This time the interest comes from America and they have two very interesting teams.

Last week, the investor group of Sportstek Acquisition Corporation went public. It is a “company” whose sole purpose is to acquire or buy itself from sports clubs. It is open to all kinds of sports, but there is a special association with Formula 1.

One of the group’s founders is Tavo Helmond, who could take responsibility for building the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. He also showed a previous interest in the Formula 1 team. That was when Manor F1 got into trouble in 2015.

Andretti return to Formula 1?

against Auto Wake He says the interest is still there. He would like to work with one of the other parties interested in taking over the manor at the time: American racing champion and team owner Michael Andretti.

“Since Michael ditched his helmet, he’s proven to be a world-class team owner. F1 would be better off with him, no doubt.”Said Helmond, who also immediately recognizes the teams that top his list: AlphaTauri and Sauber Alfa Romeo. The first in particular would be an amazing development.

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