British Prime Minister presents a roadmap of closures -

British Prime Minister presents a roadmap of closures –

London (ANP) – British Prime Minister Johnson presented, on Monday evening, a global schedule indicating when to phase out coronavirus measures. It starts on March 8 with schools reopening after which restrictions on after school outdoor sports will also be lifted. British media reported that residents of nursing homes in England may again receive regular visits from someone.

Minister responsible for the vaccination program Nadim Al-Zahawi. He said schools will open their doors on March 8 and more people will be allowed to gather outside: six people or two families. After three weeks, it is expected that outdoor sports will be possible again, including football and tennis. The government is also likely to expand freedom of movement and allow people to travel outside of their area or area, but not after they spend the night elsewhere.

In every step to the next phase of relaxation, authorities will review the status of the coronavirus threat. They don’t specifically look at whether the number of infections increases or decreases, but whether infections lead to more hospitalizations. The government expects that a robust vaccination campaign will help ensure that the increasing number of diagnosed infections does not automatically lead to more hospitalizations.

The four parts of the UK define its Coronavirus Policy. In Scotland, for example, schools will open their doors to the youngest children on Mondays, and in Wales too, classroom instruction is again held for children between the ages of 3 and 7, and in some places, for high school students. In Northern Ireland, the restrictions will be reviewed on March 18th. Most of the 68 million Britons live in England, which has a population of 56 million.

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